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SNUGTOP offers an ingenious line of sleek, durable, and rugged Commercial toppers engineered to meet the rigorous nature of Commercial and Fleet applications. The SnugPro series of commercial truck caps and tonneau covers suit a multitude of industries and end users. At SNUGTOP, we understand a truck topper is as much about image and individuality, as it is about performance. We’re committed to satisfying customers’ needs for practicality, fit and function, as well as form and style.

Innovation in design and manufacturing technology, combined with a relentless pursuit for excellence, keep SNUGTOP at the top of its field. Our difference lies within our unparalleled, carefully crafted engineering process. A cadre of conscientious technicians, some of who have been with the company for over 30 years, invest time and precision into the fabrication of a comprehensive lineup of one-piece, high strength, custom-fitting fiberglass caps and tonneau covers. Using advanced structural reinforced fiberglass as the medium allows for precise shaping (achieves an automotive Class A finish), flex resistance, rigidity, and long-term durability. SNUGTOP is a recognized industry leader in innovative technology, receiving numerous awards for product design, manufacturing quality, and customer satisfaction.

A key feature of SNUGTOP’s commercial grade product line of Truck caps and Tonneau covers is our commitment to providing innovative solutions to end users. Our commercial offerings are not only proven durable, but also lightweight, which increases load-carrying capacity and fuel-efficiency. Fuel economy tests show gains of up to 10% better gas mileage.

With more than 50-years history backed by proven time-tested performance, SNUGTOP, and its products, are in it for the long haul. Being the industry leader in custom-fit structural composite truck caps and lids, we ensure your commercial vehicles or fleets make a statement.

For 60 years, SNUGTOP has manufactured truck caps and tonneau covers for businesses and
consumers who have been demanding better designed and better built products. SNUGTOP's use of
Advanced Structural Composites (ASC) and commitment to continuous improvement
has resulted in quality automotive products that are renowned the world over.

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