Company History

A Heritage of Industry Leadership

SNUGTOP can trace its roots to 1959, when the company began building hardtops for European sports cars under the Custom Fibreglass Manufacturing Company banner.  Known for their superior, tight fit they became known as “Snugtops.” 

In 1965 SNUGTOP produced its first topper for the original Datsun mini truck. By the early 1970s SNUGTOP had expanded its product line to include caps for a wide range of full-­sized pickup trucks as well. 

The company’s reputation for quality led to long-­term contracts with major auto manufacturers, beginning with Subaru in 1979. Toyota, Nissan and GM followed. In 1989 SNUGTOP was acquired by its current owners; led by company president Hartmut W. Schroeder. Under this leadership the company has developed trend-­setting products, earned many patents, and received important industry awards for quality, style and customer satisfaction. 

SNUGTOP expanded into the commercial market in the 1990s, offering tonneau covers and specially designed toppers for fleet applications. SNUGTOP contracted with Budget Rent-­A-­Car Corp. in 1997 to provide Snuglids for over 40,000 pickups. 

In recent years SNUGTOP has greatly expanded its offering of commercial products, with advanced structural composite toppers leading the way. Each cap is proudly made in SNUGTOP’s 5-­acre facility in Long Beach, California, employing extra manufacturing steps and reinforcements to ensure maximum durability at the lightest possible weight. It is this intense focus on quality that has enabled SNUGTOP to maintain industry leadership throughout its 50-­plus year history. 

For 60 years, SNUGTOP has manufactured truck caps and tonneau covers for businesses and
consumers who have been demanding better designed and better built products. SNUGTOP's use of
Advanced Structural Composites (ASC) and commitment to continuous improvement
has resulted in quality automotive products that are renowned the world over.

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